The Story Behind Shoot-N-Cut Processing

Paul Williamson has dreamed of owning his own processing plant for almost a decade now. As a native Texan, it might not be surprising that his favorite hobbies have always been hunting and fishing. His other favorite hobby has been cleaning, processing and cooking his trophy fish, deer and hog. Paul began his career  working as a meat clerk in Houston, at Randalls, while he was only 16. Paul quickly advanced to manage the meat operations and provided the very best service for 12 years while at Randalls. Paul was then recruited by H-E-B where he managed the meat operations for 10 years. Paul’s knowledge of processing meat and making sausage spans back to his early years when he first fell in love with the meat business.

Because hunting has been a long held  tradition in Paul’s family, he  shared his love of wild gaming and fishing with his sons. Proccessing the meat properly is a passion for Paul, as is putting good quality food on the table. Paul’s friends and family especially like receiving smoked sausages and his awesome jerky during Christmas.

 You know how people say “everything happens for a reason”? Well that is what happened in Paul’s dream of owning and operating his local processing plant. He told his friends and family of his dream and a few years later one of his friends let him know that a USDA built plant was up for sale. It needed some TLC and a little elbow grease to get up and running, but Paul was willing to shed some blood, sweat and tears on his dream. And some money.

As of the summer of 2013 Paul has been busting his butt, trying as hard as he can to open his plant in time for deer season. Once Paul has conquered deer season he plans to become USDA Certified so that he can grow his business into custom beef processing for customers that own and/or sell cattle.  One day he would love to have an on site taxidermy shop for the convenience of his customers. With Paul’s track record, it won’t be long.

With over 22 years experience from the kill floor to finished product, Paul ensures that all product is processed and wrapped at a higher standard than any other.  Your product is inspected and stored immediately in one of the two walk-in freezers or four walk-in coolers. All game is tagged with your identification tag AND NEVER MIXED WITH ANY ONE ELSE’S. We process one animal at a time to maintain our promise,with the highest integrity, that your product is yours, and  only yours. Paul’s facility is designed for total meat control through each phase of processing. Most plants that process thousands of deer each season cannot truly process one deer at a time. When your products are finalized, they will always be vacuum-sealed, packaged carefully and accurately labeled.  Your order will be waiting for you in our freezers until you can pick it up.

We use only USDA inspected beef and pork to add to your orders. You can purchase your own meat to add to your order but we suggest leaving that to Paul. Then, only the finest blends of all-natural seasonings are used to enhance the flavor of the finished product. We have a large walk-in smokehouse for all of our sausages and jerky. And as always, throughout the processing of your orders, you have the skill and know-how that only 22 years in the meat business can offer, ensuring that your orders are always of the highest quality and best taste. We want to keep you coming back, and we’re sure you will!

You Shoot it, we Cut it!